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Nearly 8 million students currently participate in high school athletics in the United States. Only about 500,000 compete as NCAA athletes, and a select few within each sport move on to compete at the professional or Olympic level. You have made it here because of your hard work, but the pressures of being a college athlete will be great.

In an NCAA Goals Study conducted in 2019, up to 70% of the student-athletes polled told us their family expected them to be a college athlete growing up, and up to 30% said families expected them to become a professional or an Olympian. Some students revealed their family even relocated with the hopes of increasing the chances of them becoming a college athlete.

While there will continue to be expectations placed on you during your college journey, both in the classroom and in competition, your status as a student-athlete positions you to achieve a higher level of success than your peers on campus who don’t play sports. In fact, the likelihood of an NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater; graduation rates are 90% in Division I, 74% in Division II and 87% in Division III, according to data released in 2020.

NCAA Graduation Rates


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Div. III

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Elevation Players 

Of the 118 commitments from Class of 2013 - Class of 2024 and counting..









Elevation's College Volleyball Roster

Class of 2024

Elise Marchal – App State
Payton Evans - Akron
Lily Bolen - Rutgers
Kenzie Cogan - U of Illinois
Mya White - Bellarmine
Katie Noschang - NKU 
Mialee Dabbelt - Belmont U
Dakota Spurrier - U of North Florida

Class of 2023

Brooke Bultema – U of Kentucky
Sydney Breissinger – Creighton U
Lindsey Green - Ball State U
Amelia Nott – Morehead State U
Audrey Armbruster - Clemson U
Campbell Robinson – U at Albany
Nicole Sargent – U of North Alabama
Erin Gonzalez – Gettysburg College
Ninah Miranda – Lipscomb U
Carmen Soloria – Anderson U
Sarah Newberry – Lewis U

Class of 2022

Carly Hendrickson – U of Florida (now UCLA)
Lily Cropper – NC State
Mary Jones – Palm Beach Atlantic
Payton Deidesheimer – Austin Peay
Sami Deidesheimer – Eastern Kentucky (sand)
Caroline Hensley – Ohio Northern U
Emily Morgan – Miami University
Iris Riegel – IPFW
Katelyn Brown – James Madison
Kate Haglage – Ohio Northern U
Elizabeth Schlemmer - Emory

Class of 2021

Ally Christman – Robert Morris U
Megan Wielonski – Ball State U
Hailey Green – U of Denver (now West Virginia)
Jules Fink – Utah Valley
Annie Lockett – Eastern Michigan
Marilyn Popplewell – Hillsdale
Katelyn Grimes – U of Central Florida
Anna Hapner – Newberry College
Rachel Wildermuth – Lenoir-Rhyne U
Katie Gansle – DePauw U
Emory Spitler – Marietta
Christina Blount – Rider U

Class of 2020

Stevie Wolf - Xavier U
Logan Case – Western Michigan U
Emma Gielas – U of Buffalo
Mackenzie Kelleher – Ohio Dominican U
Ramei Jackson – IPFW
Lauren Hogan – Syracuse (now Texas A&M)
Avani Seshiah – Carnegie Mellon
Karoline Shellhause – Case Western
Cora Cunningham – Tufts U
Sarah Norcom – U of Cincinnati
Dani Sargent – Tiffin U
Grace Maziar - Ohio Northern U
Lindsay Rich – Capital U
Daisy Sampson – Morgan State

Class of 2019

Marie Plitt – Ball State U
Maggie King – Western Michigan U
Julia Wilkins – Seton Hall
Hannah Hall – Ohio Northern U
Kira Merkle – Ferris State U
Maggie Huber – Ball State U
Jada Bouyer - U of Toledo
Sam Wolf – Palm Beach Atlantic
Haley Brown – Oakland U
Sara Rogers – Case Western
Peyton Breissinger - Berry U
Savanah Schwarz – U of Cumberlands
Alexa Rang – U of Missouri-St. Louis
Amanda Middendorf – Ashland U
Emily Ernst – Bellarmine U
Grace Gourley – U of Charleston

Class of 2018

Anna Brinkmann - Northern Kentucky U
Valerie Green - Auburn U
Abbie Hughes - FIU (now Grand Canyon)
Ali Thompson – Grand Valley St
Mackenzie Conner – Cleveland St (now Cincinnati)
Lisa Sullivan – Army (now Grand Valley St)
Ashley Brooks – Wittenberg U
Holly Edwards – Trevecca
Lexi Reinert – Urbana U
Elizabeth House - Dayton U
Armania Heckenmueller – U of Cincinnati 
Josie Vondran - U of Dayton (now LSU)

Class of 2017

Maya Krause - Xavier U
Edie Brewer – North Carolina A&T
Megan Kaufman – Tennessee Chattanooga
Alexis Adleta – U of Akron
Haley Bergheger - Georgetown U
Taylor Prall – Lenoir-Rhyne
Adrian Ell – Florida State U
Alexis Schumann – Transylvania
Tess Ungerleider – Scranton
Maggie Edmondson – Boston College Club
Megan Kissel – U of Cincinnati
Blaise Chaney – Hanover

Class of 2016

Sydney Mukes - LSU
Brooke Westbeld – U of Dayton (now Indiana)
Dani Szczepanski – Tennessee Chattanooga
Molly Cummins – Villanova
Sabrina Wolf – U of Cincinnati
Claire Tulisiak – Kent State U
Janelle Tobler - Bellarmine U
Jordon Fry – Ohio State U
Kelly Cameron – U of Albany
Tania Benitez – U of Buffalo
Linday Leick – Georgetown
Madison Hollis – Defiance U
Maddie Torbeck – U of Buffalo
Haley Stewart – Miami U
Spencer Parks – Alabama A&M

Class of 2015

Madi Maisel - Pittsburgh
Margo Wolf – U of Dayton
Kat Edmondson – Boston College Club
Sarah Marlatt – U of Memphis
Abby Gourley – Alderson
Abby Williams – U of Cincinnati
Lauren Wilkins – Columbia
Anne Debbane – Otterbein U
Adriana King – Cincy Clermont

Class of 2014

Sam Fry - Notre Dame
Christine Chandler - U of Cincinnati
Paige Kebe – Harvard
Allie Muha - Bellarmine U
Gabby Blados - Clemson U
Ashley Wenz - Ohio State U
Riley Brashear - Mount Saint Joseph
Courtney Gildea – Kentucky Wesleyan U

Class of 2013

Courtney Grafton - Georgetown
Annie Bierman - Furman
Rachel Fortner - U of Dayton
Abbey Bessler - Xavier U
Rachel Vidourek – Marquette
Rachel Garnett – Tusculum
Alexis Bierbaum - Thomas More
Jessica Weston - Miami-Hamilton